Friday, November 11, 2016

Blog #5

     This week's blog on Ted Cruz religious memes is a reflection of authority online.  The offline religious culture and political culture helps set the basis and create standards for what is considered authentic expressions online in many ways.  The political and religious cultures have grown so strong in their hundreds of years of history that their impact is hard to ignore.  This compares to the still fairly recent online culture that is still being shaped and molded everyday.   
     In Cruz's case, christianity is an extremely well defined religion and therefore a defined culture.  This culture has an enormous amount of traditions and beliefs which also help impact what is considered authentic.  These rich ideas do not want to be cheated by cheap internet sayings from people not as well educated as most of the religious leaders.  If a person is seen as a political or religious leader, they automatically are looked at with more authenticity just because of their established position.  The standard to have this high esteem is a highly educated person in either education or even educated in scholarly readings when it comes to the religious culture.  Another aspect that helps set the standard for what is authentic online is when it involves church doctrines or highly regarded church teachings.  For example, the Ten Commandments are head in such a high light for many christians.  This orthodox expression is being made fun of in meme 9 which states "what do you mean I've broken one of the commandments?  Bearing false witness against thy neighbor?  Donald isn't my neighbor!  He lives in NYC!"  This meme is criticizing Cruz for his actions that are contrary to such a highly regarded list of beliefs.  It is being questioned how authentic he is as a christian because he does not follow his religious beliefs right down to the doctrine.  
     Online and offline contexts are blended.  They both have an affect on the other and seem to coincide. As time goes on, they are becoming more and more blurred and will eventually become so blurred that the flow of information online and offline is seamless.

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